Turn On Your 

Member Marketing Machine.

ShareTry makes it fast, easy and rewarding for members to generate referrals for your club.

Better Referrals By Design

We work with you to create a custom referral campaign for your club & community. Or choose to run campaigns proven successful for our other club customers.

Personalized To Members

Your members can access their personal ShareTry page anytime to see how many people clicked on and registered for the offer they shared. It’s motivating feedback to keep sharing.

Maximize Qualified Leads

Your referral leads are immediately nurtured with auto-responder messaging. You can work with your lead directly on your ShareTry system or export them to another program.

Identify Member Advocates

Track which members produce the best results for your club. Instantly view the referrals for each member. Now it’s easy to track contests and provide incentive rewards.